Horoscopes for May 7th to 13th 2007

This week’s scenario is highlighted by an intensity that you feel, that may be a distracting force. You’ll feel anxious & unable to relax. Try to turn your attention inward for awhile and save your breath for breathing. Content yourself with being part of a process that someone else has started. Lift your head out of the details to see whether the big picture has changed since you last looked. It’s still possible to maintain harmony as long as you’re paying attention. You may have to shout in order for anyone to hear your voice. It may be easier to step back into the neutral zone than to go for another ride on the roller coaster. Be observant of what you can’t control. Wait awhile before engaging your emotions again. Your strength will return once you gain your confidence in who you are.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by strong feelings & emotional situations that need to be addressed. It’s hard to keep up with the white lies & half truths. It’s not the facts that count, but the reason for the deceitful information. Great discretion on your part may be required if you want to keep the peace. You may feel a little resentful. The demands put on you may seem unfair, perhaps even a little manipulative. It could cost you a relationship if you are direct about the situation. Then again, why keep a friend you can’t really be honest with? Honesty is not always easy, but is almost always is the best policy. Once you get past the initial stumbling blocks, you’ll realize that were assuming other’s motivations. Try to get away for the week-end to re-charge your batteries, it’ll help you cope with your stress.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to keep up with the pack. Don’t get lazy at the wrong moment. Your financial success depends on your own magnetic ability to coordinate projects and act as the producer. You may have to reach out to take advantage of lucky opportunities. Encourage your partners to go forward with exciting and challenging plans. You may need the cooperation of others to accomplish tasks, but they may be dragging their heels. If that’s the case, go into your grab bag of ideas and stimulate others with humor and fun. You could be rewarded with a big financial coup. Your humor and optimism are contagious. You may need to curb some activities so you don’t spread yourself too thin. Give yourself some pats on the back if your toes are stepped on by coworkers and unthinking bosses. Ask for extra income for group projects if you need it. Romance could be waiting for you by week’s end. Be ready and on your toes. Use the power of your mind to create the right aura for love.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by a need to conserve your energy. Travel plans may be wearing thin, right now. Try to confine your activities to one place until you’ve had a chance to restore your energy. Partnership matters could be important for the creation of a happy home life. Any dealings related to real estate or property are starred for special success. Your home may be a haven that enables you to express the best of your ideas and intellect. Set high goals and know that you’ll hit the bull’s-eye. Group situations could be especially productive, this week. You may have to make all the effort to sell others on your ideas, but the end result will be worth it. You need challenges, so use this time to set new goals and make plans for exciting projects. You could express a great deal of contagious enthusiasm now. People will respond easily to you, and you’ll seem to have your finger on the pulse of the public. Ask for anything that you need to implement your tasks.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by responsibilities & your ability to take on more than your share. Mental details may be a real challenge to you. You could easily get caught up in minor matters that become more and more complex & demanding as the week goes by. Don’t be too concerned with the minor details. Delegate to others you trust. Priority should not be on how things are done, but on completing the tasks at hand. Try your best to stay relaxed during moments of tension. Your sense of humor could go a long way in diffusing tense or uncomfortable situations. Concentration will bring the desired results. You may discover better ways to accomplish your work. A close friend will pick up your spirits. Ideas will fly by, fast and furious. A real breakthrough in the group process may bring you much excitement. Fun and productivity reach high levels. This week-end could prove to be one thrilling ride.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by a blend your creativity & your practicality. A creative project could hit a snag. You may have to work hard on the details in order to make your magic happen. In fact, it may take weeks before you’ve really got it the way you like it. Think of this as a chance to improve, rather than a waste of time and effort. Unusual people will seem to populate your world. They may push your security buttons by bringing you in contact with new ideas and values. Keep an open mind and suspend judgment for the time being. You will benefit from the gentle attention of a sibling, friend or neighbor. Your intuition will help reason overcome aggression.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by an urge to create and express yourself. You could run into some serious obstacles. Set aside your impulse to plunge into unknown territory. This is an intense time of letting go of old visions to make room for new ones. You may need to use some good common sense to deal with an unrealistic colleague. Assess your resources carefully. This will provide the practical reality needed at this time. The enthusiasm of those around you is attractive, but not well grounded. Fortunately, you’ll find the strength to clear away the fluff and get to the heart of the matter. Take on the serious challenges at work. You’ve got what it takes to meet them. You could be extraordinarily successful if you have the proper training. Focus is the key to everything. Even your romantic life could benefit from concentration. This is not a time to be scattered. Aim directly at your target, hold steady, and take your best shot. Work is likely to demand a great deal of your attention. The idea, though, is to demonstrate how skillful you are. Improve your techniques & it may provide you with a financial boost or a broader awareness of money matters.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by your ability to keep your cool. Your creative abilities should be working for you, so take on new and interesting projects. You may have to deal with some strong pressure, particularly at home. Unfinished family business could tie you up in knots. Power struggles will not resolve the situation. Take a good look at your values and your goals. If you honestly believe in them, you’ll make the right moves at the right time. You might also put some effort into improving your surroundings. Be careful with the tools you use & turn on your creativity. You have such a practical side to bring out. Confidence helps you make your point without beating anyone over the head. Take the opportunity to speak to those with the power. You may have some difficulty satisfying someone else’s demands. If you’re willing to look at the issue with fresh eyes, however, you may discover something new about sharing. The trick is to recognize your potential. Your creative imagination should be working well, although the ideas that you have may not be entirely realistic. It’s useful to be open to anything at first. You can always edit and adjust later.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by a tornado of ideas. You could be in a very talkative mood, at the very least, expect your mind to be running a mile a minute. Slow down and take note of the good ideas, because they’ll be worth remembering. Big financial ideas are very exciting to you now, too. You’re in charge. Expect to be the leader. This is your chance to shine professionally. You have the spark to move into a new direction. Planning is important, but taking chances and taking action are primary. Even if you don’t achieve your goals, you’ll learn from your mistakes and succeed the next time. Try to find a project or activity in which you are in total control. Initiate one if one is not already in place. Complications with a loved one who is far away might arise. Your calm, even at a long distance, could be incredibly helpful to others. Speaking the right way could be more important than saying the right thing. Truth is a wonderful thing, it can open hearts and minds. Some may appreciate your directness, others could arch their backs and hiss at you. Certainly not the way to build successful relationships. Pick your spots by carefully choosing when and what you say and to whom.


This week’s scenario is highlighted by plenty of talking & heated discussions. You have a strong desire to cut through the bull and get to the bottom line. Relationships may be very hot. Intimacy is both exciting and complex. Professional ones are stimulating, but challenging. Greed could be your enemy now. Appetites can get out of hand if you’re not careful. When you get a taste of love, food, approval or money, chew slowly. Digestion can be difficult if you take big gulps. Check out the incredible opportunities, but move toward them with patience and caution. Control issues involving money or sex may arise right now. Try to be reasonable, even if the subject matter is intense. It may take some time to build trust. Try to understand that this may be a touchy time for others as well. Rules count heavily, any deviation could be heavily punished. You won’t be expected to wear a straightjacket, but self-control could be vital now. Advance cautiously, making sure all your ducks are perfectly aligned before you set off in a new direction. Assistance can come from a more experienced colleague. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice. When you ask questions, it will be taken as a sign of strength, not weakness.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by a surge of emotional & physical energy. It’s probably for the best that you’re feeling a little extra rambunctious. You’ll need it to keep up with recent events. Humor may be the best way to cope with a grim situation, that’s got everyone down. Laugh at the impossible and you’ll be able to make a list of the practical solutions. Your powers of attraction may be working harder than you imagined. There’s no need to be greedy during times of plenty. If the offers just keep pouring in, leave your options open. Go for the one that satisfies you the most. This is not a good time to go into hiding. You may have to start over again, the alternative may be just too much to consider. Use an extreme situation to your advantage instead of letting it get the better of you.

This week’s scenario is highlighted by a small change in attitude that could result in a big difference in your life. You need to make your points but you also need to listen to other’s perspectives. Your defensiveness will not gain you any ground. You must learn to recognize those soft spots & tougher your skin. Associates will listen and respond more favorably to a good presentation without the emotional baggage to weigh it down. Pull together with a group of people who are likely to inspire one another to new heights of creativity. Playing together is as important as what you produce. Close the deal. Happiness is a job well done.



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