Advertising with Me

Glad you are interested in advertising with me on my blog, here is a short to the point rules that I follow for ads on my blog.

1 – No porn of any sort
2 – No product placement of an illegal items (drugs, alcohol or smoking)
3 – No get rich or pyramid based ads
4 – No hate based ads or literature (anti-gay, religion, etc)

If you have a product that you would like me to write a review for, please contact me. I do both book and product reviews, as well as write about local events (local events are events which take place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.)

If the event is outside of my home area (the beach area of Toronto) you are responsible for travel costs (gas and parking, which average $20.00 for gas and what ever your parking fees for the event are).

Write ups are my personal view point, which means there might be things I like and things I don’t like and both will get written into the article, I do not play favorites when writing event reviews, I write it as I see and feel it. I also take photographs of all events I attend to go along with each article written.



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